Friday, May 30, 2008

I got my Dress!!!

I got my bridesmaid dress today. I am so excited to be in Stephanie and Dustin's wedding. So I was so excited I put the dress on already. HEHEHE!! Bridesmaid Dress 4x6 (2)I love how it looks and fits. Now it just has to sit in my closet for the summer. How sad.Bridesmaid Dress 4x6 (4) I really don't have much else to say. I just wanted to let everyone know how pretty my new non-handmade dress is. I love pretty clothes!

I don't have too much planned for this weekend. I was supposed to go to Seattle to visit Siobhan, but there is a Mariner's Game, and a soccer game. And she wasn't feeling so well. So I am just going to go and watch Nick and the rest of the family go Para-Sailing. I would never go, I am too scared of falling from high places. Everyone else will have a blast, and I will have fun watching all of them. Other then that it is going to be a mellow, relaxing weekend. I will update if I deem fit. So, I Sew.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Well almost done with my week, yay!DSCN0862

Now for the rest of my weekend update. On Sunday, Nick and I went to a Nursery plant sale to buy my dad some Father's day trees he asked for. Then we cleaned out our garage. That was quite the task. Now our garage is organized and nice looking. After we were done with that we went to my parents house to play croquet and eat steak and crab for Nick's birthday. We had a ton of fun with family just enjoying each other's company. We got a family photo taken. Thank goodness for camera timers.

Monday was just as busy. We planted my dad's new trees for him. Then we went up to Sumner for Balin's birthday party at a bouncy house. Nothing more fun then bouncy houses. After 2 hours of taking Kelahna through the oversized balloons without her touching anything we went to Tim and Amy's for a BBQ. Just hanging out and socializing with people we don't normally get to spend time with was a blast. We were supposed to go to another BBQ with one of Nick's friends, but by the time we got close the party was done. Oh well.

Tuesday was a day just for lazing around.  I got my SWAP stuff and was super excited about everything I got.DSCN0878 [320x200] DSCN0883 [320x200] DSCN0886 [320x200] DSCN0885 [320x200] DSCN0882 [320x200] DSCN0888 [320x200]

I got so much neat stuff. A tissue paper picture frame, a tote bag, a camping inspired trinket tin with buttons and a bracelet, a pin cushion, and some special treats from the East Coast. Now that Adrianne, my partner, got her stuff I can show what I made her. I made a Dinosaur sleep set, which includes a blanket, pillow, and eye mask.Dino Quilt SWAP 5-9-2008 (2) Eyes Eye Mask SWAP 5-5-2008 (2)Dino Pillow SWAP 5-3-2008 






I also made her a reversible purse, with matching tissue holder and wallet. I am quite proud of all the neat stuff I made, and I am super glad she loves it. Tissue Holder SWAP 5-5-2008 (2)Pink and Orange Tote SWAP 5-3-2008 (2)




Stripe Wallet SWAP 5-3-2008




Now to continue with my busy weekend. Nick and I didn't do anything all day on Tuesday, except to go out to teriyaki dinner and Coldstone for dessert. YUM!

On Wednesday I had to go back to work, so sad. The day went ok though. Nothing exciting at all. Just a plain boring day at work. Then today same story. Boy when I have to work, my days suck. Almost summer time. I am off to work on dinner... So, I Sew.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Weekend Update...

Today I just lazed around, did a little sewing, helped Nick a little in the yard, really nothing too exciting. I did however get some pictures taken of some of my sewing that I did a couple of weeks ago. So here they are:

Black Infinity Dress 5-20-2008 (3) Black Infinity Dress 5-20-2008 (4)

This is the black infinity dress I made the tutorial for. It is really heavy, so I probably won't wear it too much, but it is still really cute.

 Peach S2956 5-18-2008 (2)Peach S2956 5-18-2008 (4)

Here is my peach dress I talked about earlier in the week. I is Simplicity 2956. I am quite proud of this dress now that it is finished. It is so comfy and cute I might end up wearing all summer long. I may have to make some more of them.

I am off to sew some baby dresses. So, I Sew!

It is here! A three (four) day weekend

I finally get a long weekend. I am taking an extra day for Nick's birthday, so it is even longer. I haven't gotten nearly enough done that I want to get done. I am currently trying to motivate myself to work hard on sewing until Nick gets home everyday. That gets me about 2-3 hours of good all by myself sewing time, but I am just to addicted to Craftster to go and sew. Eventually I will get around to sewing more stalking less.

This weekend is so jam packed with excitement I can hardly contain myself. Today there is nothing going on for me, but Nick has a birthday party/UFC fight night to go to. Tomorrow we are not doing anything until 4 pm. That is when my parents are throwing a little BBQ party for Nick's birthday. Then on Monday we have to go to Balin's birthday party and then two separate BBQ's that we have to share time between. Finally on Tuesday I am trying to plan a mini getaway for Nick, but he doesn't want to go anywhere or do anything. It makes planning really hard when not everyone cooperates.

Maybe amongst all this funness I get some of my projects that I want to do, done. Wish me luck! So, I sew.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So I had a Busy Weekend

Yeah, so this weekend was jam packed with activities. Nick and I built a pic-a-nick table (I know that is spelled wrong, but that is how Nick and I like to say it). We had the entire family over for another crazy BBQ. We went to a BBQ for some of my coworkers. And cleaned up our yard, a lot!!! I even got some sewing in.

I made a super cute dress. I don't have any pictures yet, but as soon as I get them done I will add them to the post. I used a Project Runway Pattern by Simplicity. It was number 2956. I made the red one on front, but without the front gather at the chest. I had to adjust it a little, because the straps didn't fit, but I have it all worked out, and I think it is cuter now. I really like this pattern and I will definitely make more. I just need some more knit fabric.

I am so tired from this weekend, I cant wait until this next weekend. It also is going to be busy, but I get a 4 day weekend, so it won't feel so packed. Well I am off to do something productive. So, I Sew.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It is going to be HOT!

So I am so excited that the weather is going to be so nice the next 3 days. I am sad that I have to be at work, but I get done at 3:30 so there is still lots of time to be outside.

So I have been thinking about what kind of fun summer clothes and spring clothes I can make and I made myself a tube top. I really like how it turned out, even if it is a little short. The pink in the fabric is sparkly, it is the same fabric I used to make a halter top not to long ago. White Tube Top B8317 5-11-2008

I am getting ready to make so summery dresses, and white spring jackets. I went to Joann's and got some great patterns for really cheap last week, and I am going again this week for some more. As I make my creations you can count on me to post them.

Last week I decided that I wanted to start selling some of my stuff so that I can make some extra cash. I am struggling to figure out where and how to sell my stuff, and what to make for people. Any suggestions on what you may want would be awesome. I want to be able to start selling right away, but I just don't know where to start. I got the idea to really start selling by talking to someone (April) from Craftster about how she makes a lot of extra cash just by sewing. So I started searching around for what I could potentially sell and found these really cute sandwich wraps that looked really easy to make, so I tried it. I think mine turned out great. I don't have a picture of any of them right now, but as soon as I get around to taking some I will post them. I don't think I could sell them very easily but I am going to try. Anywhoo, I think I am going to go work on what I want to sew next, I have a friend's BBQ to go to later this week, and I want to make something cute for it. Talk to you later and So, I Sew!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Infinity Dress Tutorial

I found a tutorial for an infinity dress at Rostitchery's blog and absolutely fell in love. On my new favorite web site, Craftster, I found a thread on infinity dresses and someone had found for a maternity version of the infinity dress. I thought that the pattern seemed fairly simple to design so I did it. Now here it is for you. Keep in mind I wrote these for somebody who has some experience sewing clothing, if you need help feel free to comment and ask questions.


Jersey Knit Fabric, Thread, Elastic

1. Cut out the pieces to an A-line skirt that would require elastic (just don't sew it yet), there are tons of patterns for this on-line.

2. For the tub top, measure around your bust and divided by two. Don't add anything for the seam allowance so that it fits snuggly. Cut two rectangle pieces that are your bust measurement/two by 14"

3. For the straps cut a rectangle that is your bust measurement/two by 22"  on the fold. You are going to want to cut a curve out of it so that you have real looking straps.

4. You should now have 5 pieces cut, that look like this:

 DSCN0819 DSCN0817 DSCN0818

5. Sew the seams of your skirt

6. Now sew the short sides of your two tube top rectangles. You now should have a 14" tall tube.

7. Fold the tube over wrong sides together, so that the cut edges meet and the seams line up.

8. Sew a casing at the folded edge of the tube top for the elastic. Feed the elastic through and sew the ends together. Close up casing.

9. Now is where you are going to put it all together. Pin your layers in this order, skirt (right side up), Large curved rectangle (bust measurement along raw edge, right side down, overlapping at front center by about 1-2 inches), and the tube top (right side down). Sew along waistband to connect all the pieces.

DSCN0823 DSCN0825

10. Attach 1/4" elastic to the waistband so that your dress stays down when it is in the halter style. I did this by serging it on, but you can use the zigzag stitch instead.

You now should have a versatile dress that you can experiment the different ways to wear it. Refer to the web page that sells this dress for different ways to wear it.

Let me know if you need more help or if there is something wrong with the instructions. I always love to hear your comments as well.

Finally the Weekend has Come

Well it is finally the weekend for me! I can't wait to sleep and relax and just hang out with my family. I finished all of the SWAP stuff and I am almost ready to send. I just need to find something that is uniquely Washington. HMMM..... Then I can send it to Solipsist87. I hope she likes everything I made her. I am so nervous that she won't like anything. I just have to get over that and just send everything and know she will love it all.

This weekend is going to be a busy one, I have to go to REI and get a backpacking pack, and then maybe I will go chaperone prom for YHS. On Sunday, I am hosting a Mother's day brunch for my mom and grandma. Dustin and Stephanie are going to come help which will be nice. Then maybe I can get some crafting done in some of those nooks and crannies of time. I have to draw up a business plan, so hopefully I can get started on selling my stuff online. I might work on that right now. Yeah, now sounds good. Off I go!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

What a Weekend

So I have been a busy little bee. We got our SWAP partners and Solipsist87 rocks! She is so easy to talk to and I learned a lot about her to give her the best crafts ever. I can't really discuss what I am making her until she gets it, just in case she visits my blog. But let me tell you, I love all of it and I hope she does too. All day Saturday I was making her stuff, and I got most of it done. On Sunday Nick and I went to watch Iron Man with his dad. What a great movie. I don't normally like comic book movies, but this one was awesome. Then when we got home I painted the picnic table and weeded half of my flower bed. Now I think I am going to go eat a cookie and work on the last little bit of my SWAP craft, so I can send it this week. Well off I go!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

It is Partner Day

I am so excited because I find out who my swap partner is tonight. I can't hold the excitement much longer. Tomorrow I will probably be distracted all day thinking of things that I can make my partner, when really I should be educating the future, oh well, we'll live. Tomorrow is Fun Friday anyway, the kids get to play games all day instead of doing real work so I should have lots of time to think.

I have been working hard on my new Wist. So everyone will know what I want and like. I will try to constantly update it to reflect my always changing tastes.

This weekend I really plan on doing some sewing. Nick will be gone on Saturday so there won't be too much to distract me. I really want to make a summer dress and spring jacket. Neither of them should take too long for me to finish. When they are done I will add them here for everyone to ponder at.

Well I need to go work on cleaning the house and making dinner so I have lots of weekend crafting time!