Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So I had a Busy Weekend

Yeah, so this weekend was jam packed with activities. Nick and I built a pic-a-nick table (I know that is spelled wrong, but that is how Nick and I like to say it). We had the entire family over for another crazy BBQ. We went to a BBQ for some of my coworkers. And cleaned up our yard, a lot!!! I even got some sewing in.

I made a super cute dress. I don't have any pictures yet, but as soon as I get them done I will add them to the post. I used a Project Runway Pattern by Simplicity. It was number 2956. I made the red one on front, but without the front gather at the chest. I had to adjust it a little, because the straps didn't fit, but I have it all worked out, and I think it is cuter now. I really like this pattern and I will definitely make more. I just need some more knit fabric.

I am so tired from this weekend, I cant wait until this next weekend. It also is going to be busy, but I get a 4 day weekend, so it won't feel so packed. Well I am off to do something productive. So, I Sew.

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