Friday, August 29, 2008

Last day of Summer

It is my last official weekday of my summer vacation and I have to work. I got roped into working at the District Office today. It really wasn't a big deal, until Nick took the day off. Now I have to work and he doesn't. Oh well I guess.

I made a couple things in the past week that I thought I should post. First a Chore chart. I made this for a SWAP I was in and loved it so much that I had to make one for myself. I probably won't use it much, but I love how it looks. I used 4 Fat Quarters of fabric, and paper that I had lying around, so it is fairly cheap. I don't like that it is a little crooked, but it gets the job done. Each card has a different chore on it (ie... dishes, fold clothes, wash clothes, bathrooms, sweep), when you finish the chore for the day you just flip the card over. At the end of the week you know exactly what you have left to do.

Chore chart 8-25-2008 (2) Chore chart 8-25-2008 Cupcake Potholder 8-25-2008


I also made a pot holder based on the tutorial I got in my SWAP package, the cupcake rug tutorial. I  used the fabric she sent me to make it. I didn't really like how it turned out after it was washed. I ended up ironing it so it would look better. There are some things I would change if I made another one, but not too much different. I really like the fabric though, too bad I don't have more of it. So, I sew.

Monday, August 25, 2008

I finally got my stuff

I got my stuff from my I <3 to sew SWAP!! I love everything she sent me. Well onto the photos.

DSCN1120 DSCN1121 DSCN1122 DSCN1124

I got a basket that is lined and covered (to hide my crochet stuff), a pattern to make a cupcake rug, a ton of ribbons, lace, trims, needles and thread. A book so I can sew things for my garden, and the best thing of all, a blue ribbon apron. It has super cute apples on it. I love how it is smock style, I think I might wear it as a dress over a t-shirt and jeans.

I am so glad the Post Office didn't lose this package, I would have been mad not to get all this great loot. Thank you so much eye_on_sparrow. So, I sew.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Oh how I love the rain...

So it is raining today and I feel like a drained dirty sink. All gross and groggy. It is only supposed to be like this for two days then sun again. It better get sunny at least a little bit before I have to go back to work. I go back on September 2 if there are some jobs.

I got one project done so far this week, but I did get almost done with another. I just have a little sewing to do on the second and it will be finished enough to post. The first project however is a lunch tote that I made as a template for some that I want to make for Christmas. I followed a pattern found at ohfransson. This is the first time I have used this pattern and I didn't follow it all the way. I didn't want to do any hand sewing so I had to change the pattern a little to compensate that. I only used scraps from my stash, so I wouldn't have to buy anything. I really like this pattern because it is fairly large, but not too big, and it has an expandable drawstring top. Anyway on to the photos.

DSCN1117 DSCN1118

I definitely figured out what to do, so that the ones I make for Christmas are perfect. Needless to say, this may be the only one you get to see. I might post the others, but I don't know. Well I think I am off to finish the second project so I can start another. So, I sew.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Here are my projects:

So I have decided to post part of my project list, that way I will be held accountable for these projects. I am famous for just taking a project off my list because I don't want my list as long. Not anymore!

Project Type Fabric Color Fabric Type Pattern Name Company Number Design Project #
Cushion Pink Stripe Cotton   Burda 8113 C 1
Pants Brown Corduroy   Burda 8119 C 2
Skirt Blue  Denim   Burda 8179 C 3
Pants Black Canvas   McCalls 2586 B 4
Pants Cream Canvas   McCalls 2586 B 5
Skirt Blue Knit   McCalls 4261 F 6
Dress Pink Satin   McCalls 4440 B 7
Skirt Black Pleather   McCalls 4582 A 8
Skirt Black Pinstripe Poly/Wool   McCalls 4582 D 9
Tank white Knit   McCalls 4664 B 10
Jacket Blue/Gray Fleece   McCalls 4676 B 11
Jacket Black Fleece   McCalls 4707 B 12
Skirt white Knit   McCalls 4707 C 13
Pants Blue Stripe Knit   McCalls 4789 F 14
Pants Black Fleece   McCalls 4789 F 15
Totes Black/White Cotton   McCalls 4851 A/B 16
Tank Pink Knit   McCalls 4872 A 17
Tank Blue Knit   McCalls 4872 A 18
Top Blue Knit   McCalls 4872 B 19
Jacket Purple Fleece   McCalls 5714 A 20
Jacket Pink/Cream Fleece   McCalls 5714 D 21
Jacket Black Fleece   McCalls 5714 E 22
Night Shirt Pink/white Knit   New Look 6321 E 23
Dress Navy cotton   New Look 6559 C 24
Skirt Pink/White Cotton   New Look 6593 C 25
Robe Blue Cotton   New Look 6657 B 26
Skirt Purple Plaid Polyester Skirt Sew U     27
Top Brown  Cotton Sleeveless Sew U     28
Top Ivory Cotton Sleeveless Sew U     29
Jacket white Knit   Simplicity 2883   30
Jacket white Cotton   Simplicity 3538   31
Sweatshirt Blue Stripe Knit   Simplicity 3694 C/B 32
Dress Green Knit   Simplicity 4561 B 33
Dress Tan Cotton   Simplicity 9503 A 34
Night Shirt Pink Flannel/Satin   Simplicity 9505 A 35
Tank Cream Tee Knit Generation T     46 36
Swimsuit Pink Tee/Brown Knit Generation T     49 37
Rug Mixed Knit Generation T     97 38
Jacket Cream Tee/Black Tee Knit Craftster Hoodie       39
Blanket Blue Homespun Crochet       40
Cardigan Pink Homespun Crochet       41
Hat Black Thick & Quick Crochet       42
Hat Pink/gray Wool Crochet       43
Hat Blue/Gray Wool Crochet       44
Apron Fruit/yellow/blue Cotton Emmeline       45
Apron Apples/yellow/blue Cotton Emmeline       46
Baby Stuff Jungle Cotton Get Baby Ready       47
Jacket Black Flannel/Satin Kimono       48
Tank Purple Polka dot Cotton Sew Teen       49
Blanket Monkey/green Flannel  So, I Sew        50
Blanket Seahawks/Grey Fleece So, I Sew        51
Totes Care Bear Cotton/Quilted So, I Sew        52
Totes Blue w/Sunflowers Cotton So, I Sew        53
Totes Birds of Paradise Cotton So, I Sew        54
Totes Maple Leaves/Green Cotton So, I Sew        55
Totes Purple w/flowers Cotton So, I Sew        56
Totes Brown/Flowers Cotton So, I Sew        57
Shorts Ducks Flannel So, I Sew        58


As I finish enough projects I will update this list. I feel so accomplished about doing this. So, I sew.