Thursday, October 30, 2008

Still Moving

Well an update about the house... we didn't get financed to buy the house; however we still moving. We decided to move to Lacey, so Nick wouldn't have to commute as far. I will have to commute until June, but then I can find a job in Lacey. Hopefully we will get to move in the next week still. Our house is already packed up and ready to go, we just need a place to move it to.

I finished the Scrabble pillows. They turned out great. I also got started on the sewing portion of the SWAP I'm in. I got a total of 12 points worth done. I would explain more, but as usual I don't want to give anything away to my partner if she is reading.

As soon as I find the pictures of the pillows I will post them...So, I Sew.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Only two weeks away...

I was told to be optimistic and not stress over anything, so it is only two weeks until we are in our new house. There have been a few hiccups, but we are working through them. Our house right now is almost all packed up. All that is left is what we need in the next two weeks and my kitchen. I refuse to pack up my kitchen right now, I sacrificed my craft room, but I will not succumb to the kitchen yet.

I have started on my Scrabble pillows, they are starting to look really nice. I found a really easy pattern to cover a pillow, I may have to cover the pillows in my living room :). I really want to work on my SWAP stuff, but all of my fabric is packed up so I am working on coming up with sketches and ideas based on what I remember I have. I figure if I get all the planning out of the way I can just sew it all together once we move. I decided that my craft room will be one of the first rooms to unpack so I can sew. I have lots of Christmas presents that are already cut out that I just have to sew up, then they will be done, that is what I plan on working on during the next two weeks.

Well I just thought I would check in, I have lots to do right now. So, I Sew.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We are buying a house!!!!

So we are finally buying a house. We are both very excited to be moving to a new place that is going to be all ours. We still have a long time to wait in respect to how impatient we are. We will have to occupy our time with packing and other activities.

I got my SWAP partner a couple weeks ago for the Holiday wish list SWAP I am in and co-organizing. I feel bad because I feel like I haven't done much to help with the organizing, but I don't really know what else there is to do until it gets closer to send-outs. My partner has a pretty good wish list, I am excited to start going with that. I have been so busy with the house stuff I haven't had a lot of time to really do much sewing, but I have until December 1st to send out, so I am not really worried yet. I got a request to make some Scrabble pillows for a friend and I will have to work on those as well. I am excited about these though because it is a skill I haven't really done a lot of. It will be stencil painting, which I used to do more of when I was in high school, but kind of stopped doing with all my other crafts. I have gotten to experiment with the new mediums in stencil painting on some t-shirts, to prep myself for the pillows. I really am having fun with it.

I think I am going to go see what I can pack in my craft room... I don't want to pack anything, because I know once it is packed I will need it. So, I sew.