Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mommy hood

Well I have been a mom for 9 months (if you don’t count the pregnancy). I have learned a lot in the last 9 months…

1. Babies are not what you plan for or expect. Before Rohan was born I thought people were just exaggerating about kids. Some of those people were. Some were right.


2. Babies take up all of your time. I never realized how much I was able to get done until Rohan was born and now I don’t seem to accomplish anything I used to be able to accomplish.


3. Babies are the messiest living things on the planet. I know this may be an exaggeration, but when you have to change 4-5 poopie diapers, 30-40 vomit messes, wash everything in your babies wardrobe, and bathe the baby twice, all in one day, you too would think babies are the messiest living things on the planet.


4. Babies prevent you from getting any kind of sleep. They tell you that when the baby is born you are supposed to sleep as much as possible (anytime the baby sleeps, you sleep). This has to be the absolute best advice there is. I also believe that very few new moms listen to this advice. First off how can a new mom sleep, she wont know if her baby is alive or not? Then if you do fall asleep, how in the world is all the laundry and dishes going to get done? I know, I know, a dirty house doesn’t matter when you have such a precious being that needs your full attention and you need sleep to achieve that need, but I can’t stand the smell of a dirty house more then I need sleep.


5. Babies are the most unpredictable, cutest bundles you could ever hold. The feeling of holding your baby for the very first time, and every time after that, reminds you that every negative thing is worth it. There eyes gazing into yours, their smile when they see you, even the mischief they get into (knowing they aren’t supposed to be doing whatever it is they are doing), it is all worth it.