Thursday, April 24, 2008

Almost Friday!!

I am so glad that it is almost Friday. This week seems so long, and boring. I have been super tired as well which never helps. I want to take a nap but I think I will just go to bed early tonight.

I don't have any plans for the weekend, which is ok, because I really want to get to some sewing that I haven't had much time for. My dad comes home this weekend so I can hang out with him a little before he leaves again. Nick wants to go for walk, so maybe we can do that this weekend if it is nice.

I am totally excited, I got accepted to my first SWAP in Craftster. A SWAP is where an organizer pairs two people together and they make stuff for each other then send what they made to that person. I have been wanting to do one for awhile but never found one that I liked. Now I get to do one. I will give more details when I get them, which won't be until 4/30.

Well I am off to get some energy going so I don't fall asleep right here on the computer. Until next time!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Lots of Projects

I didn't do too much sewing this last week, but I finally took pictures of the projects I did last week. I did a lot of t-shirt reconstruction.

DSCN0794 [640x480] DSCN0795 [640x480]

DSCN0799 [640x480] DSCN0805 [640x480] DSCN0800 [640x480]

I had a lot of fun making these. I got the ideas from my Generation T book. I also made an Infinity dress that I absolutely love. I will be adding a tutorial for it soon.

Not too much else is going on. At work I am doing WASL testing all week. I get to read while my kid takes his test, which is nice. I love the book series I am in right now. The Clique, it is definitely a teenagers book, but it is most like real life so it is more fun to read. I have finished the first 5 books in the series in the last week. I suggest it to anyone who wants a good teen drama that isn't hard to read.

This last weekend I spent with my mom. We went shopping for some new clothes for her and just hung out with each other.

This week is another week of WASL (reading) for me, so maybe I can get some sewing done to relieve my stress.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Why does the sun tease us?

So this weekend, it was really nice on Friday and Saturday. On Friday I went and mowed my yard in shorts and a tank top. Then sat in my nice green grass and read. Nick and I roasted hot dogs for dinners and just enjoyed the beautiful day. We called the family and invited everyone over for Saturday for an afternoon of outside fun. The whole family showed up. All the kids played and the adults chatted. Nick made dinner on the BBQ, then we had s'mores over the fire. Everyone had a great time. On Sunday we went to breakfast with Nick's mom and Ozy. After that we went to Parkland Putters for a wild round of Putt-Putt. I won with the highest score of 107 on a par 54, (Nick was the real winner with a score of 79). Then we went book shopping and then off to Nick's dad's house. The afternoon was just spent talking with Bill and Julie about anything and everything. What a weekend.

Also this weekend I read two books. I am in love with this book series called Clique. It is a young teens series, but it is still so much fun to read. I get hooked and I don't want to stop. So because of my reading I haven't gotten much sewing done, but that is ok.

This week at work I will get more reading done because of the WASL. I am in charge of 2-3 3rd graders in a storage closet. I have to make sure they stay on task and take the test properly. So I should easily finish a couple more books while they are taking the test. I am not looking forward to this week. Oh well, what do you do?

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Lots done, but not enough

I have gotten some sewing done in the past week and a half. Not nearly as much as I had hoped for spring break, but I have lots of sewing projects cut out ready to sew. I hate cutting so I do a lot all at once, then sew them when I get a chance. Here are some of the projects I did get a chance to sew though.

An Infinite dress that rostitchery made a great pattern for. This dress is so versatile, you can were it nearly 20 different ways.

DSCN0749DSCN0748 DSCN0750 DSCN0751

This is just two of the ways both front and back. These are my favorite ways to wear it.DSCN0778

The next project I completed was a skirt for my mom. It is a very basic A-Line skirt. She came and helped me draft the pattern and start the sewing. I had some malfunctions with the serger so we left and got food at Wal-Mart.  Yeah for sewing breaks.

I made another formal dress. I just love the Simplicity 5112 pattern. I can be dressy or not depending on the fabric chosen. I have made a similar dress with this pattern in pink satin for Billy and Becky's wedding. I don't know when I will wear this but it is just too darling not to make a reason to wear it.DSCN0784 DSCN0780










DSCN0787I also made a halter top that it really cute. I made it out of scrap fabric I had. It was a dress pattern that I really like that I just shortened to make a top. The fabric is a jersey knit with silver sparkles all over it. Here is a close up of the fabric as well.


The last project that I made this week is a satin hoodie.DSCN0793 It didn't turn out too well. I drafted the pattern from scratch, so there are some measurement issues. I really like the way the fabric looks, so I might try this again, with some adjustments. I love how big the hood is on it, but it just hangs open silly. After I fix the pattern I will show another version (hopefully a better version).