Monday, April 14, 2008

Why does the sun tease us?

So this weekend, it was really nice on Friday and Saturday. On Friday I went and mowed my yard in shorts and a tank top. Then sat in my nice green grass and read. Nick and I roasted hot dogs for dinners and just enjoyed the beautiful day. We called the family and invited everyone over for Saturday for an afternoon of outside fun. The whole family showed up. All the kids played and the adults chatted. Nick made dinner on the BBQ, then we had s'mores over the fire. Everyone had a great time. On Sunday we went to breakfast with Nick's mom and Ozy. After that we went to Parkland Putters for a wild round of Putt-Putt. I won with the highest score of 107 on a par 54, (Nick was the real winner with a score of 79). Then we went book shopping and then off to Nick's dad's house. The afternoon was just spent talking with Bill and Julie about anything and everything. What a weekend.

Also this weekend I read two books. I am in love with this book series called Clique. It is a young teens series, but it is still so much fun to read. I get hooked and I don't want to stop. So because of my reading I haven't gotten much sewing done, but that is ok.

This week at work I will get more reading done because of the WASL. I am in charge of 2-3 3rd graders in a storage closet. I have to make sure they stay on task and take the test properly. So I should easily finish a couple more books while they are taking the test. I am not looking forward to this week. Oh well, what do you do?

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