Friday, August 22, 2008

Here are my projects:

So I have decided to post part of my project list, that way I will be held accountable for these projects. I am famous for just taking a project off my list because I don't want my list as long. Not anymore!

Project Type Fabric Color Fabric Type Pattern Name Company Number Design Project #
Cushion Pink Stripe Cotton   Burda 8113 C 1
Pants Brown Corduroy   Burda 8119 C 2
Skirt Blue  Denim   Burda 8179 C 3
Pants Black Canvas   McCalls 2586 B 4
Pants Cream Canvas   McCalls 2586 B 5
Skirt Blue Knit   McCalls 4261 F 6
Dress Pink Satin   McCalls 4440 B 7
Skirt Black Pleather   McCalls 4582 A 8
Skirt Black Pinstripe Poly/Wool   McCalls 4582 D 9
Tank white Knit   McCalls 4664 B 10
Jacket Blue/Gray Fleece   McCalls 4676 B 11
Jacket Black Fleece   McCalls 4707 B 12
Skirt white Knit   McCalls 4707 C 13
Pants Blue Stripe Knit   McCalls 4789 F 14
Pants Black Fleece   McCalls 4789 F 15
Totes Black/White Cotton   McCalls 4851 A/B 16
Tank Pink Knit   McCalls 4872 A 17
Tank Blue Knit   McCalls 4872 A 18
Top Blue Knit   McCalls 4872 B 19
Jacket Purple Fleece   McCalls 5714 A 20
Jacket Pink/Cream Fleece   McCalls 5714 D 21
Jacket Black Fleece   McCalls 5714 E 22
Night Shirt Pink/white Knit   New Look 6321 E 23
Dress Navy cotton   New Look 6559 C 24
Skirt Pink/White Cotton   New Look 6593 C 25
Robe Blue Cotton   New Look 6657 B 26
Skirt Purple Plaid Polyester Skirt Sew U     27
Top Brown  Cotton Sleeveless Sew U     28
Top Ivory Cotton Sleeveless Sew U     29
Jacket white Knit   Simplicity 2883   30
Jacket white Cotton   Simplicity 3538   31
Sweatshirt Blue Stripe Knit   Simplicity 3694 C/B 32
Dress Green Knit   Simplicity 4561 B 33
Dress Tan Cotton   Simplicity 9503 A 34
Night Shirt Pink Flannel/Satin   Simplicity 9505 A 35
Tank Cream Tee Knit Generation T     46 36
Swimsuit Pink Tee/Brown Knit Generation T     49 37
Rug Mixed Knit Generation T     97 38
Jacket Cream Tee/Black Tee Knit Craftster Hoodie       39
Blanket Blue Homespun Crochet       40
Cardigan Pink Homespun Crochet       41
Hat Black Thick & Quick Crochet       42
Hat Pink/gray Wool Crochet       43
Hat Blue/Gray Wool Crochet       44
Apron Fruit/yellow/blue Cotton Emmeline       45
Apron Apples/yellow/blue Cotton Emmeline       46
Baby Stuff Jungle Cotton Get Baby Ready       47
Jacket Black Flannel/Satin Kimono       48
Tank Purple Polka dot Cotton Sew Teen       49
Blanket Monkey/green Flannel  So, I Sew        50
Blanket Seahawks/Grey Fleece So, I Sew        51
Totes Care Bear Cotton/Quilted So, I Sew        52
Totes Blue w/Sunflowers Cotton So, I Sew        53
Totes Birds of Paradise Cotton So, I Sew        54
Totes Maple Leaves/Green Cotton So, I Sew        55
Totes Purple w/flowers Cotton So, I Sew        56
Totes Brown/Flowers Cotton So, I Sew        57
Shorts Ducks Flannel So, I Sew        58


As I finish enough projects I will update this list. I feel so accomplished about doing this. So, I sew.

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theresa said...

Looking forward to seeing the completed works...I'll have to check my list, some of those look familiar.
see you at craftster :)