Monday, August 18, 2008

My new goal

I have decided to challenge myself. This time it is a real big challenge. I have decided to focus on making 4 sewing projects per week. In addition to that I cannot buy any fabric until my current list of projects is complete. I do have one exception to the buying of fabric, Nick and I need new hiking jackets and we are eventually going to go to Seattle Fabrics to buy the material. Other then that though I can't buy anything but notions. I have made my project list to focus on the fabrics I have in my closet, so there shouldn't be any issues. I can always add projects as long as I have the fabric for them. With this new challenge I should be able to finish up a lot of projects that I have been wanting to do as well as clean out my closet a little. I keep everyone posted on my progress as well as posting the projects I complete (as long as they are not Christmas presents).

Anyway onto what I have been up to. Nick and I have been very busy with hiking and spending time with friends and family. I have officially started my Christmas shopping, which is mostly fabric to make a lot of the gifts. I have 5 of my 25 gifts complete. I'm hoping my new goal will help to finish them. I have been finishing up SWAPs and working with a previous SWAP partner to start co-organizing a SWAP. I think I might post some pictures of the SWAPs I have finished.

This is one of the boxes from the Fill-a-Box SWAP(I didn't take pictures and I am still waiting for her to post those pictures):

 image image image

I received both of my boxes and this is what I got. One box had a ton of fabric and notions and the other box was stuffed full of yarn:

DSCN1106 DSCN1107 DSCN1099

This is what I made for the Christmas in July Stash Busting SWAP. She loved everything, as did I. I made two children's aprons, some PJ's, two Disney pillows, four Mickey Mouse placemats and fabric bowls, two reusable shopping bags, and a chore chart. My favorite is the chore chart. I am going to make myself one eventually:

imageSWAP 2 Stuff (3) image 

This what I got from her. Two shopping bags, four quilted placemats, an apron to match, and three beautiful dresses for little girls:

DSCN1041 [640x480] DSCN1040 [640x480] DSCN1042 [640x480] DSCN1035 [640x480] DSCN1036 [640x480] DSCN1038 [640x480]

And the final SWAP that I made stuff for was the I <3 Sewing SWAP. A reversible gather top purse and some various notions:

image image

As soon as I receive from this SWAP I will post pictures.

I better be off to work on some projects! So, I sew.

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Brilor said...

Hi Deanna,
I noticed your blog address on a comment you left on my craftster post. I am pretty new to craftster but am loving it!!! You sound like you have a lot of fun doing swaps... Hopefully I will stop chickening out and enter one someday. I so get what you mean when you say family and friends just don't understand just how much time and care goes into handmade things.... It was so nice to find craftster and converse with other craftaholics LOL! I swear I think its a sickness...LOL! well anyhoo I enjoyed reading your blog... good luck with all your upcoming projects. You are very talented!!!