Saturday, May 24, 2008

It is here! A three (four) day weekend

I finally get a long weekend. I am taking an extra day for Nick's birthday, so it is even longer. I haven't gotten nearly enough done that I want to get done. I am currently trying to motivate myself to work hard on sewing until Nick gets home everyday. That gets me about 2-3 hours of good all by myself sewing time, but I am just to addicted to Craftster to go and sew. Eventually I will get around to sewing more stalking less.

This weekend is so jam packed with excitement I can hardly contain myself. Today there is nothing going on for me, but Nick has a birthday party/UFC fight night to go to. Tomorrow we are not doing anything until 4 pm. That is when my parents are throwing a little BBQ party for Nick's birthday. Then on Monday we have to go to Balin's birthday party and then two separate BBQ's that we have to share time between. Finally on Tuesday I am trying to plan a mini getaway for Nick, but he doesn't want to go anywhere or do anything. It makes planning really hard when not everyone cooperates.

Maybe amongst all this funness I get some of my projects that I want to do, done. Wish me luck! So, I sew.

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