Saturday, May 24, 2008

Weekend Update...

Today I just lazed around, did a little sewing, helped Nick a little in the yard, really nothing too exciting. I did however get some pictures taken of some of my sewing that I did a couple of weeks ago. So here they are:

Black Infinity Dress 5-20-2008 (3) Black Infinity Dress 5-20-2008 (4)

This is the black infinity dress I made the tutorial for. It is really heavy, so I probably won't wear it too much, but it is still really cute.

 Peach S2956 5-18-2008 (2)Peach S2956 5-18-2008 (4)

Here is my peach dress I talked about earlier in the week. I is Simplicity 2956. I am quite proud of this dress now that it is finished. It is so comfy and cute I might end up wearing all summer long. I may have to make some more of them.

I am off to sew some baby dresses. So, I Sew!

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