Thursday, May 29, 2008


Well almost done with my week, yay!DSCN0862

Now for the rest of my weekend update. On Sunday, Nick and I went to a Nursery plant sale to buy my dad some Father's day trees he asked for. Then we cleaned out our garage. That was quite the task. Now our garage is organized and nice looking. After we were done with that we went to my parents house to play croquet and eat steak and crab for Nick's birthday. We had a ton of fun with family just enjoying each other's company. We got a family photo taken. Thank goodness for camera timers.

Monday was just as busy. We planted my dad's new trees for him. Then we went up to Sumner for Balin's birthday party at a bouncy house. Nothing more fun then bouncy houses. After 2 hours of taking Kelahna through the oversized balloons without her touching anything we went to Tim and Amy's for a BBQ. Just hanging out and socializing with people we don't normally get to spend time with was a blast. We were supposed to go to another BBQ with one of Nick's friends, but by the time we got close the party was done. Oh well.

Tuesday was a day just for lazing around.  I got my SWAP stuff and was super excited about everything I got.DSCN0878 [320x200] DSCN0883 [320x200] DSCN0886 [320x200] DSCN0885 [320x200] DSCN0882 [320x200] DSCN0888 [320x200]

I got so much neat stuff. A tissue paper picture frame, a tote bag, a camping inspired trinket tin with buttons and a bracelet, a pin cushion, and some special treats from the East Coast. Now that Adrianne, my partner, got her stuff I can show what I made her. I made a Dinosaur sleep set, which includes a blanket, pillow, and eye mask.Dino Quilt SWAP 5-9-2008 (2) Eyes Eye Mask SWAP 5-5-2008 (2)Dino Pillow SWAP 5-3-2008 






I also made her a reversible purse, with matching tissue holder and wallet. I am quite proud of all the neat stuff I made, and I am super glad she loves it. Tissue Holder SWAP 5-5-2008 (2)Pink and Orange Tote SWAP 5-3-2008 (2)




Stripe Wallet SWAP 5-3-2008




Now to continue with my busy weekend. Nick and I didn't do anything all day on Tuesday, except to go out to teriyaki dinner and Coldstone for dessert. YUM!

On Wednesday I had to go back to work, so sad. The day went ok though. Nothing exciting at all. Just a plain boring day at work. Then today same story. Boy when I have to work, my days suck. Almost summer time. I am off to work on dinner... So, I Sew.

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