Friday, May 9, 2008

Infinity Dress Tutorial

I found a tutorial for an infinity dress at Rostitchery's blog and absolutely fell in love. On my new favorite web site, Craftster, I found a thread on infinity dresses and someone had found for a maternity version of the infinity dress. I thought that the pattern seemed fairly simple to design so I did it. Now here it is for you. Keep in mind I wrote these for somebody who has some experience sewing clothing, if you need help feel free to comment and ask questions.


Jersey Knit Fabric, Thread, Elastic

1. Cut out the pieces to an A-line skirt that would require elastic (just don't sew it yet), there are tons of patterns for this on-line.

2. For the tub top, measure around your bust and divided by two. Don't add anything for the seam allowance so that it fits snuggly. Cut two rectangle pieces that are your bust measurement/two by 14"

3. For the straps cut a rectangle that is your bust measurement/two by 22"  on the fold. You are going to want to cut a curve out of it so that you have real looking straps.

4. You should now have 5 pieces cut, that look like this:

 DSCN0819 DSCN0817 DSCN0818

5. Sew the seams of your skirt

6. Now sew the short sides of your two tube top rectangles. You now should have a 14" tall tube.

7. Fold the tube over wrong sides together, so that the cut edges meet and the seams line up.

8. Sew a casing at the folded edge of the tube top for the elastic. Feed the elastic through and sew the ends together. Close up casing.

9. Now is where you are going to put it all together. Pin your layers in this order, skirt (right side up), Large curved rectangle (bust measurement along raw edge, right side down, overlapping at front center by about 1-2 inches), and the tube top (right side down). Sew along waistband to connect all the pieces.

DSCN0823 DSCN0825

10. Attach 1/4" elastic to the waistband so that your dress stays down when it is in the halter style. I did this by serging it on, but you can use the zigzag stitch instead.

You now should have a versatile dress that you can experiment the different ways to wear it. Refer to the web page that sells this dress for different ways to wear it.

Let me know if you need more help or if there is something wrong with the instructions. I always love to hear your comments as well.

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