Thursday, May 1, 2008

It is Partner Day

I am so excited because I find out who my swap partner is tonight. I can't hold the excitement much longer. Tomorrow I will probably be distracted all day thinking of things that I can make my partner, when really I should be educating the future, oh well, we'll live. Tomorrow is Fun Friday anyway, the kids get to play games all day instead of doing real work so I should have lots of time to think.

I have been working hard on my new Wist. So everyone will know what I want and like. I will try to constantly update it to reflect my always changing tastes.

This weekend I really plan on doing some sewing. Nick will be gone on Saturday so there won't be too much to distract me. I really want to make a summer dress and spring jacket. Neither of them should take too long for me to finish. When they are done I will add them here for everyone to ponder at.

Well I need to go work on cleaning the house and making dinner so I have lots of weekend crafting time!

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