Thursday, July 17, 2008

Yeah for Project Runway!!!!!!!!!

So Project Runway Season 5 started last night. Unfortunately I was watching So You Think You Could Dance. I will be watching Project Runway today, so I will be able to catch up. I have been watching the past seasons the last couple of days, so I could catch up. I am so excited.

I did some sewing yesterday. Mostly just finishing up projects I started a long time ago.DSCN0981 DSCN0980 They are two little girl peasant shirts. I really love how easy these shirts are to make. They only take me about 1 hour start to finish to sew. And they don't take hardly any fabric. It takes about 1/2 a yard to make one size 2T shirt. I can make so many if I wanted, but there are lots of other things I want to make right now.

I  have been in a SWAP addict mood. I keep signing up for them. I am currently in 3 SWAPs right now and I have finished 2. I love them, I finally get to make stuff for people who not only understand what it takes to make this stuff, but they really show appreciation. There are very few people in my life who really appreciate the time and effort that it takes to make the things I do. Nick doesn't like that I sign up for all of these SWAPs because he says that it is too pricey to ship this stuff out, but it really isn't that bad. Especially because I get to make lots of new friends with the same creative outlook I have. I will definitely post what I have made for all of my SWAPs as soon as my partners get their stuff. Until then you will have to wait.

I have to go work on some stuff before I run all of my errands today. So, I Sew.

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