Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I love Lavender

800px-English_LavenderToday was a very busy day for me. For starters Stephanie and I went and did our first cardio workout together today. We were both very sweaty afterwards, which is good, right? Then we went to go and meet with the lady where she is getting married. I really liked the place, it was very pretty. After that we went out to Happy Teriyaki for lunch with my mom. Then a day of window shopping and roaming stores. Joanns, Barnes and Nobles, Walmart, and Home Depot. I finally found an English Lavender plant to put in my reading garden. You can always find Spanish Lavender, but English Lavender is a little more difficult. It is the only edible lavender, and I have been wanting to experiment with it, now I can. I love the way lavender smells, it is so beautiful and relaxing. That reminds me I need to grind up the Spanish Lavender that I dried so I can make some eye sachets to make people sleepy. Maybe tomorrow. So, I Sew.

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