Thursday, February 5, 2009

I got my Wonderful Pink Stuff

I received yesterday and I love everything Peppermom sent me. I have to preface that when we were first partnered she said she was going to make a purse and all the fun goodies that go into a purse, but then her neck and arm started to hurt really bad so she took a slightly different route. When I got partnered with Kaymadben as the person I was sending to I just knew that I had to make something special. She has been in a rough place for the past couple months, and her and I have coincidentally been paired with each other for almost every swap we have been in together. That is why I spent the time to make the quilt. I never expected Peppermom to send me a package of that caliber, but she did.

Here is a picture of all of it together:

This is also the best picture of the large fleece blanket. It is reversed applique with little hearts on it. As soon as I got home I cuddled in it. My husband tried to take it, because it is one of the largest heavy blankets we have in the house. He said, "I'm bigger, I get it, I don't care if it is girly" I took it back and told him it was mine.

The main picture of all the smaller goodies:

This is sadly the best picture of the Clip board she made. It is a clear clip board with vinyls decals all over. It is super cute and will sit in my craft room with my current project on.

A close up of the key fob, the card, the heart playing cards, the striped Kleenex holder and the supper cute hedgehog. She thinks it looks like a mouse, but with my pins in it, it looks more like a hedgehog.

A close up of the Check book cover, the debit card holder, the book mark and some push pins. I really love the check book cover and debit card cover. I never want to carry my huge wallet around with me on the weekends, so these will be great to just throw in my bag.

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