Sunday, December 7, 2008

The weekend is here and gone...

Yesterday was the first wrestling tournament of the season. It went pretty well, and was nice and short. I was able to really teach the new managers how to keep score and participate in a tournament, which was great.

Today was my cookie swap, a huge success. Not everyone showed up that was supposed to, so there were extra cookies, but that is ok. Everyone made very delicious cookies, and Nick and I have been snack all afternoon. I am going to give some cookies to the other wrestling coaches, but I think I will still have a ton left over.

I am not ready to go to work this week, I will have to go the whole week, I am not sick anymore. But I will have wrestling on Thursday to look forward to. I will also have the fact that there is only 2 weeks left before winter break.

I really have to finish my Christmas presents for everyone. None of them really take a very long time, it is just the sitting down and getting them done. I hope I finish them before they are due. So, I sew.

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