Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holy Moly

I went through my computer and compiled my list of patterns and tutorials that I have saved on Craftster and in my bookmarks. I can't believe how many there are. I thought I was never going to finish. I made the list so that I can easily find everything, and if anybody wants to make me anything from the list they can. I think with this list all made up, it will be easier for me to complete my crafting goals for the new year.

I delivered my Christmas gifts to their recipients and now I can post what I made.

I made Becky some crazy quilted placemats and an Emmeline Apron:

Becky's Crazy Placemats 12-17-08 (3) Becky's Crazy Placemats 12-17-08 (4)

Becky's Emmeline Apron 12-19-2008 (2) Becky's Emmeline Apron 12-19-2008 (3)

She really liked the apron, and was ok with the placemats. These placemats were my tedious task of the last couple months. I am so glad they are done. I will never make 8 placemats of this difficulty again. I really like the pattern, but only for four placemats.

I made Kelahna some little aprons to go with her kitchen she is getting from Santa:

Kelahna's Purple Polka Dot Apron 12-19-08 Kelahna's White and Floral Apron 12-19-08

Amy loved the aprons, as did Kelahna. She wouldn't go to bed without one of the aprons on.

There is other stuff that I made, but those people have not gotten their gifts yet. When they do I will post the pictures.

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