Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Almost a New Year

Hooray for almost a new year! I have been very busy lately, but not with what I want to be busy with. I have been shopping with my mom. I got some great pink fabric from Craigslist and some great Christmas fabric from Wal-mart. I got some new workout clothes, to accommodate the fact that it is cold and shorts and tank tops don't work well in the winter. I have started my January to do list. It isn't quite finished, so when it is I will post it. I also did a little sewing.

I made Sanders, the head wrestling coach some coats for his dog. It was a special request for his Christmas gift, so I went and got some fabric that I thought would work, but when I got home hated it. I made them anyway and I have a really great idea for him that I know he will like. I just need to get the fabric for it and I will be set.

I have started my very own swap on Craftster. It is a Deck out your Kitchen Swap. If it goes in a kitchen or dinning room it is a go. Placemats, aprons, oven mitts, art, decor, containers, tablecloths are all ideas. I have been wanting to do my own swap since I started co-organizing the Fill a box of holiday wishes swap. This idea popped into my head when I decided I want placemat for any holiday and season. I love to make aprons and placemats, so I'm sure others do as well. Right now the swap is still in the sign-up phase, so I have a little while before I get to craft for it.

Another swap that I am in is the Pink, girly Swap. All about being a girl and loving girl things. I am very patiently (read impatiently) waiting for my partner at this point. Everyone in the group but 4 of us has partners. The organizer is waiting for an answer from one of the participants and then she will assign the rest of us.

The funny part of this story is that one of the other people waiting is Kaymadben, who I met in the Christmas in July swap. She was my partner for that swap, then my next swap, Fill a box swap, she was my partner again. Then her and I decided to co-organize together in the Holiday wishes swap. Now she and I might be partners again in this swap, and then she went and signed up for my Kitchen swap. I don't mind at all though, she is an awesome person and I love to craft for her.

I am off to clean up all the Christmas decor, a yearly tradition. I sadly have to do most of it by myself, but that is ok. I really don't mind. It gets put away the way I want it to be put away now. Then off to the craft room to work on Amy's birthday present. So, I sew.

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