Monday, November 17, 2008


I finally got the Scrabble pics uploaded to my computer so I can post them now.

DSC00004 DSC00005

I know it has been a little while so here is a refresher about them. I made them for a friend who saw them online at some European boutique for $30+ each. He saw my crafting ability and asked me to make them for him. I gladly did it for half the cost. They are slipcovers over some 16x16 pillows that I freezer paper stenciled. I really like how they turned out. If I knew that Amy would like them I would make one for her, but she wouldn't have a place in her house to put it.

On to current events. This weekend I made some more freezer meals with my mom. We ended up make close to 50 meals, for the mere cost of $250. If we went to the Dinners Done Right place it would have cost $200 for 12 meals. It took us about 5 hours to make all that food, which isn't that bad considering it takes about 30 minutes per meal if we were to make them on each day. Nick and I are very prepared for the next couple months of wrestling season, which starts today. So, I sew.

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