Tuesday, November 11, 2008

All Settled

We moved last weekend and now we are all settled in. The new house is in Lacey, which is where Nick has wanted to move for quite some time. When we found the house we fell in love instantly. It took a little negotiating with the landlords, they said no pets because of the hardwood floor throughout, but we had to inform them that our dog doesn't come inside, and if it is too cold she can sleep in the garage. They said yes and we moved in the next day. It took us about a week to unpack everything, mostly because I am incredibly lazy when it comes to stuff that isn't fun.

Now that everything is unpacked and situated I can really focus on my Swap. I just to focus and get it done, nothing is hard or too intensive, I have been so busy that all I want to do is sleep, not sew. Nick will be gone for most of the week next week so I will be able to get some stuff done then for sure.

My mom, sister in law and I are all going to get together to make some freezer meals from my all time favorite cookbook (Fix Freeze Feast) this weekend. I will be all stocked up on food for wrestling season. Nick has been craving a home cooked meal for quite some time. I made ribs and potatoes today, but he isn't even home to enjoy it.

I better get around to some of that sewing while Nick is still out. So, I sew.

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