Friday, March 6, 2009

I made it!

I got this pattern and fabric at Sew Expo!. I have covet this farmer’s Market fabric for about 6 months now and I saw it at the expo and just had to have it. The vendor we were at had it made into a table runner which I just loved. Needless to say I bought the pre cut fabric and the pattern to make it. It is a quilt as you go style runner and it wasn’t too hard to work on. This is the biggest piece of quilt as you go I have ever worked on and that was a little challenging, but I finished. I even hand sewed the binding on. I have never hand sewn a binding, being scared of the time it would take and thinking it would look ugly. I really wanted to practice and just do this project ‘right’, so I got out my needle and for 2.5 hours I sat on the couch and worked on it. I found that hand sewing is very relaxing; although my hand kind of hurt afterwards. I definitely will be properly sewing the binding on from now on!DSCN1425  DSCN1424










I have my 3 people for the pay it forward craft challenge. I have been reading your ladies blogs, and you all are very interesting people and I am excited to craft something for you. I will be contacting you within the next week to get mailing address’ (not saying I will be sending in the next week, but I want to be prepared).

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RootsAndWingsCo said...

I love all the bright colors you used in your runner! I am impressed with your to do list!!