Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another Font

Here is another new font. I like this one way better. It is more like how I write. I am addicted to this font program. Think of all the cool fonts I could make.

DSCN1414 I made the pin boards yesterday and I am quite proud of them. The first one I made the lines before attaching the fabric to the board and that was a pain in the butt. The second one I drew the lines after attaching the fabric and it worked like a charm. Now I need to make some fabric strips so I can start weaving. I have a lot I want to do before tomorrow, so I don’t know what to decide on.

I have my American Sewing Guild (ASG) meeting tomorrow and we are doing a show and tell about everything we got at Sew Expo!. I want to finish the table runner before I go, so I can show that off. That is the only thing I thing I am going to take, so I really have to get it done. I also want to get some of the weaving materials for the placemats done before Thursday, because I am babysitting at Tim and Amy’s and I think if I have my weaving it will be fun to work with the kids. There are also about 10 projects sitting in my WIP/UFO basket I need to work on. Plus the 5 other projects I really want to work on. Two of the quilts I want to work on I still need a lot of black cotton for the backing, like 6-8 yards of fabric. I have been to the store almost everyday in the past week, so I am not going today, but on my way home from my meeting tomorrow or from Amy’s on Thursday I will pick up the fabric I need. Although I might just wait until I finish my basket of projects before I buy anything. I have a lot to do today. So, I Sew.

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