Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I won!!!

So I read a large variety of blogs during my week. I particularly like ones that are crafty related and I found one called Bolsa Chic, that I really like. She has great ideas and inspirations. Well about two weeks ago she was offering up some of her fabric stash to some lucky commenters to her blog. Guess what? I won one of the three fabric packages! I hardly win anything and when she posted a comment on my blog saying I won, it made my day. Thank you so much Bolsa Chic, I can't wait to see what you have packaged up for me.

I have doing a lot of sewing in the past couple days, due to no jobs. I really need to find a permanent job, but that is another post. So, anyway I have gotten a lot done:

  • 6 pairs of lounge pants made
  • a picnic tote and 2 placemats (late Christmas present)
  • an oven mitt
  • a pot holder
  • some sample coasters
  • a crocheted scarf
  • crocheted wrist warmers

I also have cut out my next 10 projects, which include:

  • Emmeline apron
  • 2 lunch totes
  • 3 grocery bags
  • 3 large tote bags
  • Fabric strips for quilt

I still have 4 more projects to cut out that I already have fabric for. I also need to find some fabric from my stash to make a tote bag, and a fabric basket, some placemats and coasters, and various pink goodies.

I agreed to do a personal swap with Peppermom from Craftster. She really wanted to make a purse for me, which was something that she wanted to make for me in the pink swap. I have some great ideas for her, but need to get some of the birthday present sewing done first. I might squeeze a project or two in, while working on the other stuff. I have to send my March 6, 2009, so I have lots of time to get it all done. So, I sew!

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