Saturday, January 3, 2009

Swapping Fun

I have been working away on swap stuff. I am so excited for the Pink, girly swap I am in. I am crafting for Kaymadben, and Peppermom is crafting for me. I am more then half way done with the stuff I am making. I think she will just love what I am making her. I hate to keep everyone else in suspense, but I know she reads my blog.

We are still in sign-ups for the Deck out your kitchen swap, but I have asked Classy Broad to be my partner. I love the embroidery she does, and I think that we could easily craft for each other. I have lots of great stuff planned for her. She loves 50's theme stuff, like pin-up girls, boomerang, and sparkle vinyl. I don't where I am going to find sparkle vinyl, but I do have other stuff in mind that she might like. She collects aprons, which are my favorite thing to make right now, so she is in luck. I am off to work on more swap stuff, I want to get as much done as possible this weekend. I have to go back to work on Monday and wrestling will be full force the next couple of weeks. So, I sew.

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