Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rain, Rain, Rain

So the rainy season has really begun. In my experience, here in Western Washington the really heavy rains happen in January and don't stop until February (when it freezes for the whole month, but that is a different topic). The rain has now threatened to close roads and flood lots of areas. Unfortunately, Yelm is being severely affected by this. One of the communities in Yelm, Clearwood, is at risk of being blocked off by flooded roads. They re-did the road that leads out there, but apparently didn't plan very well, because for the first time in years the road is about to flood. If the road does flood then about a 1/4 of the school district's students won't be able to make it to school, which in turn means they will probably cancel school. I have no problems with the no school, I just feel bad for all those stranded people.

Another note... I have been working on my swap stuff. I am nearly finished with the main piece and I am completed with the smaller portions of what I am sending for my pink swap. I have my ideas set for my kitchen swap, but I may have to change those just a bit...hmmm. I really like my ideas, but my partner has hinted to something else, but I don't know if I want to make that or not. I haven't decided for sure. I haven't made anything yet for it so I will have to see how I feel.

Wrestling starts back up for me starting tomorrow. I am excited to get to do some more wrestling stuff. It feels like months since I did anything. I can't wait. Until then I have some serious crafting to do. I still have some Christmas gifts to finish and lots of swap stuff to work on. So, I sew.

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classy broad said...

don't fret about our swap -- do whatever your crafty little heart desires! :)