Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pink Swap Received

My partner for the Pink Swap received today. She loved everything so much, here is her actually post. She did such a fine job displaying everything.

Okay here it is, from my best-Craftster-friend:
(I love you so much Deanna!)
A super cute pj set with log cabin applique on the shirt and wide legged pants (which I love).


2 awesome 12X12 log cabin style pillow covers. I love log cabin blocks. They are backed with white minky dot chenille, so soft and feminine.

And................ ......a SUPER AWESOME log cabin quilt backed with super soft and warm pink fleece to go on my bed! I have made tons of quilts for people in swaps (cause I'm a super overachiever) but have never received one so when I saw it in the box I ripped it out and started jumping around with joy and ran straight to my bedroom (actually I danced and pranced to my bedroom) to put it on my bed screaming for joy like I just won the showcase on the price is right. It is so gorgeous and beautiful and I love it so very much.
Look at how pretty my bed looks now!!!!!!!

You are so awesome Deanna. Thank you so much for being the BEST!!! And thank you Malisha for partnering me with her and hosting this swap. I will definitely cherish this quilt forever.

I am so happy that she likes everything. I cried with joy from her reaction. I have never gotten such wonderful feedback from a craft project I have made, from anyone. You made my day.


Christina said...

great swap!!

Drea said...

Wow. That's amazing!

I'm in the same swap and suddenly my crafts are feeling a little inadequate. :P

DeannaLynn said...

I don't want to make you feel inadequate. Kaymadben and I have been partners for many swaps and we are good friends, I feel she deserved it.

Mina said...

Fabulous, something you will keep forever! And it´s Pink!!! Lovely, I can imagine your reaction when you opened the package!!Congratulations!!!!