Wednesday, December 17, 2008


It is snowing and that means no school, which means no work. I love it. Winter break has pretty much started for me today. Even if Yelm is in school tomorrow I won't be there. North Thurston School District, the district I live in, is already canceled for tomorrow, which means the roads are too bad to drive. I hate the snow until it closes school, then it is wonderful.

Because of the day off I was able finish my extra large Christmas present. I still have some of the other stuff that I want to make for this person to do, but the tedious part is done. With no school tomorrow I will be able to finish most of the rest of the stuff that I want make. Then I will have more of my real winter break to work on fun sewing projects.

I have decided to start making Christmas presents in January. I don't want to do anything too specific, but I am going to make a whole bunch of generic type gifts for birthdays and other holidays throughout the year including Christmas gifts. I also am going to be doing more swaps, when I finish with making all this years Christmas stuff. I love doing swaps, so I think I am going to try for maybe 1 per month. We will see how that goes, Nick hates me doing the swaps, because he thinks it costs too much. If I keep to my no buying goal it won't cost me anything, but the shipping.

I took a nap today so I have lots of energy and time to go work on some projects. So, I sew.

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