Saturday, November 29, 2008

Almost December

Where has the time gone? If feels like it was just summertime, sitting outside trying to find things to do that involved sewing. Now I am crunched for time in finishing my Christmas gifts. I have a list of 16 things that need to be sewn and I can't seem to find a free minute to do any of it. I keep telling Nick I am starting my Christmas sewing in January. I really wanted to make everything this year, but I caved and went shopping.

I went out today, which wasn't too bad. I thought with all the Friday and Saturday sales it would have been busier, but the only busy part was the parking lots. I got all the shopping done, except for Nick, which I don't know what I really want to get him yet. I will probably know on Christmas Eve.

I know that Christy, my current swap partner has come up with some great ideas to make stuff for my family. I hope that I don't try and hoard everything for myself. If I am really lucky I will even be able to take some stuff back to the store and more people will get that handmade Christmas. I finished all my stuff for her yesterday and I am very proud of this package. I chose not to put anything store bought in it, so it took a lot more to fill the box. I didn't think I would like some of the stuff, but after all said and done, I wish I had more fabric to make some for me. As soon as she receives, I will post pictures. She should be getting it on Tuesday or Wednesday.

I need to get to bed soon, I have a busy day tomorrow. I am going out with a bunch of ladies from work to watch Australia. Then to my mom's house for a late Thanksgiving with her. So, I Sew.

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