Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Here is where I start

I have officially decided to start a blog. I have read many other blogs all showing off their great crafting projects and thought: "why not me?" Well here it goes.

I made a duct tape dress form last night, boy was that an experience. First off if you are claustrophobic at all don't make one for yourself. Also you need someone to do the taping if you are making a replica of your body.

First you need a large t-shirt that goes over your bottom, two 60 yard rolls of duct tape and about 3-3 1/2 bags of filling. Put the shirt on and start duct taping. We started at the bust line just because that part takes the longest. First wrap duct tape right below the bust line then right about the bust line. Then in an X shape across your bust. Once that is done just start placing strips of duct tape horizontally from the hips up to your shoulders all the way around your body. After the first layer is done, do a second layer vertically on your body. Now a third layer horizontally, (I know it takes a lot to make it stiff). Now you can cut up the back and slip out of your suit. Retape the back and stuff. MAGIC!! You now have a basic dress form. I attatched a flat piece of wood to a large dowel and stuffed inside before stuffing completely and used an old christmas tree stand so I could have a standing dress form. I also covered mine in fabric, by making a tube of knit fabric and pinning where the shaping needed to be.

There you have it a basic duct tape dress form. Super easy and pretty cheap. Total it cost me 20 bucks. Not bad considering the professional ones cost 100-700 bucks.

Check back later for other craft projects I have completed.

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